Diversity is
the Game Changer

J-Win promotes diversity management and helps companies gain a competitive edge

About J-Win

Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win) was established in April 2007 as a corporate member-based organization、with the aim of supporting the promotion and establishment of diversity management in companies. J-Win provides advice and consulting on women's empowerment, conducts seminars and lectures, various surveys, and other activities to support the promotion of diversity management in companies.

Executive Message

Promoting diversity and inclusion is the key management strategy for innovation

Keisuke Yokoo
President and Representative Director

We are entering an unpredictable era in which the business environment is characterized by the rapid evolution of digital technologies. In order for Japanese companies to overcome issues arising in this era of major and sudden change, it is extremely important for them to introduce innovation unbound by traditional values.
They must harness the different ways of thinking and diverse values held by the people in their workplaces to establish a new business model built upon mutual understanding and respect. I also believe that the promotion of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an effective management strategy that will revitalize Japanese organizations and provide an important driving force for creating innovation.
We must also not forget that the first step in implementing this type of diversity management in Japan is to empower women, who are still behind here compared to much of the rest of the world.
Since its establishment in 2007, J-Win has worked to support diversity management within its member companies, and we have contributed to the enhancement of sustainable corporate competitiveness. Based on our philosophy—which identifies diversity and inclusion as management strategy keys—we will continue to play a central role in corporate management as we cultivate more female leaders capable of succeeding in both Japanese and global society.

Activity Program

J-Win consists of 3 layers of women’s network, which is aimed at establishing career-development awareness and training human resources, a 3 layer system for D&I promotion, which supports D&I promotion as a management strategy, and D&I progress analysis, which quantifies and visualizes the D&I promotion situation.

  • Developing Female Leaders

    3 layers of Women’s Network

    Women to the TOP! Through three-tiered women's network activities according to position, we aim to develop women leaders through mutual cooperation and study.

  • D&I Promotion in Companies

    3 layer system for D&I promotion

    To accelerate D&I promotion as a management strategy, top management, male managers, and diversity promoters will identify issues, share findings, and link them to actions.

  • Quantify and visualize diversity progress

    D&I progress analysis

    Diagnosis based on 8 areas of initiatives and the company's overall performance

D&I Promotion in Society

Contributing to greater D&I in Japan through expanding global networks

J-Win works with organizations and government institutions in Japan and abroad to promote diversity management and to include more women in leadership positions. We are also working to expand the extent of D&I initiatives through seminars, lectures, and public relations campaigns.

  1. GEO : Government Equalities Office
  2. EPWN : European Professional Women’s Network
  3. NHO : The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
  4. WIGB : Women In Global Business
  5. EOWA : Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
  6. APEC WES : APEC Women and the Economy Summit
  7. WITI : Women in Technology International
  8. SWE : The Society of Women Engineers
  9. APFC : The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  10. WIIT : The Association of Women In International Trad
  11. NAWEM : National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia
  12. JCIE : Japan Center for International Exchange
  13. EESC : European Economics and Social Committee
  14. Delegation of the European Union to Japan
  15. WIL : European NW For Women In Leadership
  16. Global Women’s Innovation NW
  17. JAA : Japanese American Association of New York
  18. CanWIN : Canadian Women's International Network
  19. ABLAC : Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council