Strategies Implementation

Strategy Implementation

What are the three problems that hinder women's success?

  • No clear vision of the future (issue of women's awareness)
  • Balance between work and housework/childcare (environmental/systemic issues)
  • Old Boys Network (Male Consciousness Matters)

J-Win's "3-Tier Women's Network" and "3-Tier System for D&I Promotion" activities are designed to address and eliminate the three problems.
The role of the CEO Council/Executive Leaders' Group is to be at the center of these activities and to lead them to successful outcomes while exerting influence.
In order to accelerate diversity and inclusion, it is necessary for top management to commit themselves and exercise strong leadership, and the synergistic effect of each activity will lead to the implementation of the management strategy.

Top Management Leadership

Specific Actions

  • Women's awareness

    Lack of willingness
    to promote women

    I don't challenge it


    Few women in management positions

    3 layers of Women’s Network

  • Male Consciousness

    The gender gap in management ratios isrecognition of differences in ability

    Evaluation bias (assumption)

    Do not give them opportunities
    (Do not challenge)

    Old Boys Network

    Men's Network

  • Environmental /
    Institutional Awareness

    How to do the job

    Lack of flexibility
    in the system

    Post shortage / limited